Premiere: Shadows – Lights Out


The Manchester duo AnD introduced their musical alter ego Shadows on the Avian label in 2012, and now they’re reviving the project for the Fear of the Imagination EP, a four-track affair out July 1 on the Leyla imprint. As you can hear from the streaming sneak preview of “Lights Out” found below, Shadow is all about adventurous exploits into the outer limits of electronic music. Their experimental, neo-industrial sound finds form in chaos and beauty in intensity. The sounds that emerge on Fear of the Imagination are simultaneously arresting and dizzying, in your face and strangely hypnotic. They force you to envision an alternate reality where music is made by an entirely different set of rules. And in case this project whets your appetite for more music from the Layla realm, keep in mind that they’re unleashing a new EP by Manni Dee on the same date.