Lauhaus 5 Tracks of the Moment

Lauhaus off recordings

Amsterdam-based DJ/producer Lauhaus has been entrenched in the Dutch techno scene over a decade. Since co-founding and touring the live project Polder in 2004 with David Labeji, he’s been a mainstay on the local party scene. With releases on top-notch labels including Sushitech, Cocoon, Viva, Rejected and Circus Company to his credit, as well as co-running house label Soweso along with Kabale und Liebe since 2009, he recently joined forces with the OFF Recordings crew, often spinning back-to-back sets with label head Andre Crom.

Earlier this month OFF unveiled Lauhaus’ sublime Dyson Sphere EP featuring a remix by Detroit’s Anonym, and it wouldn’t be hyperbole to say it’s one of the summer’s best releases for those who favor dark, brooding techno. We caught up with the one-named phenom and asked him to share five tracks currently rocking his world. Continue Reading

ED ED’s 5 Tracks of the Moment


With releases in the books for Defected and Noir, and a primo list of DJ credentials including sets at Berghain Canteen, Cookies and Sisyphos, Berlin-based housemeister ED ED roars into 2015 with his raucous Caught Up EP for Andre Crom’s OFF Recordings. It’s a standout release wielding monumental basslines and deeply meditative and soulful hooks.

When he’s not in the studio or DJ booth ED ED oversees A&R at Sasse’s Moodmusic label, so you know he’s in the know. We checked in with the rising jock and asked him to share five tunes that are currently rocking his musical world.

ED ED’s Caught Up EP is out February 23 on OFF Recordings. Catch him at Calabar in Dubai on February 27 and Golden Gate in Berlin on March 15. Continue Reading