Mother Nature is the Star of the Music Video for Noah Pred’s Electro Gem “Mantissa” Shot on an iPhone

NOAH PRED by Giovanni Dominice

Noah Pred’s body of work as an electronic music artist spans techno, house, dub, acid and beyond. After recently releasing a selection of solo EPs for Traumraum, Compute, and Biotop, the founder of the revered Thoughtless imprint investigates many of those styles on his captivating new album, Concrescence (Biotop), which is the two-time Juno Award nominee’s first full-length since 2013’s Third Culture.

We’re pleased to world premiere the music video for “Mantissa,” a breakbeat-laden, electro-charged track from Pred’s latest long-player. The Berliner directed and edited the gorgeous clip, using iPhone video of nature shot during recent travels.

“The combination somehow matches the contrasts of ‘Mantissa,'” says Pred, who stitched the video together with generative visuals sourced from the original track. “Liquid, bubbling synth lines wind their way through rugged electro breaks; wisps of distant pads drift lazily like sand; acid chirps plaintive as the distant cries of birds against the wind — pristine settings colorized in memory, captured with the digital interference of a modern-day mind.” Continue Reading