Cute alert: Nano DJ Turntable

nano turntable

If you were intrigued by the Hello Kitty speakers we told you about in September, then the nano DJ turntable will probably be the high on your holiday wishlist. Coming straight out of Tokyo from the Nikkeijin at Strapya World, the 3-inch lil’ gizmo attaches to your cell phone strap (an accessory that’s de rigeur in Asia) and plugs into your iPod or MP3 player. As a song plays, you can add effects or scratches to your fave jams and pretend that you have the skills of Z-Trip or A-Trak. The mini deck works for three hours on a single charge via a USB connection to your computer, and it’s available in red, black and silver. The price? ¥2,940 or US $29.99. Mini DJ mixer not included.