Premiere: Pisetzky – “Off The Map” (Locked Groove Remix)


An explorer of deep and dark sounds, emerging Milan-based DJ/producer Pisetzky‘s modus operandi is about uncovering the euphoria that lies within the shadows of the downbeat. Where the North Star for some of his musical peers is navigating to the short-lived climax, Pisetzky conversely chooses to bring his grooves to a slow, steady boil. It’s this mindset which has helped him evolve from sound designer Fabiano Vallis in the fashion world to becoming ensconced in Milan’s vibrant techno scene.

This month the up-and-comer will release his Off The Map debut EP on pisans Hunter/Game’s Just This imprint, and we’re elated to world premiere Locked Groove’s magical remix of the title track.

The Berlin-via-Antwerp stalwart builds upon the techno-drenched original, expertly infusing the track with a hypnotic, punchy bassline and cracking percussion.

With the term “deep” now commoditized and ubiquitous, hit the play button below and hear how deep is really supposed to sound.

Pisetzky’s Off The Map EP is released June 29 via Just This.