Premiere: Light Year – “Smoking Causes Blindness”


You might know Light Year — Sydney-based mixmaster Jordan Feller — from his spate of high-profile 4/4 groovers on Bang Gang (“Night/Vision,” “5GIRL5,” and “Moderation”) and techy, sinewy Come Together EP issued last year on Spectral Sound, among his many dance floor offerings.

With a musical stance that has one foot rooted in the past and the other firmly planted in the future, Feller brings his sublime old-school informed sensibility back to Exploited (the Berlin imprint released his easygoing house jam “Never Know” in 2014) with his upcoming Bell Trax EP.

We’re thrilled to world premiere “Smoking Causes Blindness” from the brilliant new release, a track that finds Feller weaving together an effortless party cut out of a pastiche of punchy beats, vintage vocal samples and an infectious melody line that won’t quit. What inspired the name of the tune is anybody’s guess. But what we can attest is that this jam is, er, smokin’ hot. Hit the play button below and feel the heat.

Light Year’s Bell Trax EP is released August 3, 2015, on Exploited.