Premiere: Stream Faded Ranger’s Debut LP ‘Mechanical Tonight’


Having emerged earlier this year with a trio of excellent singles, Faded Ranger — listen to their exclusive Big Shot Guest Mixes here — is ready to release their debut album – the dark and body-moving Mechanical Tonight. The record is a collection of twilight groovers that are equal parts low key and high spirited. While emphasized on sensual, bedroom vibes, the tracks have enough snap to them that make them just as suitable for dance floors. During many of its sharp corners, the record calls back to the halcyon house days of old as well as the hoppy darkwave of Depeche Mode, which one could consider a reflection of the hometowns of the duo’s two members, London-based Neville Attree and Chicago transplant Nick Maurer.

Featuring singles “Be On the Lookout,” “Get Together (Right Now)” and “Blindfolds,” Mechanical Tonight  also clearly reflects the duo combined home of Heidelberg, Germany, which is an equally evident print in the record’s mold. Among its dubby moments like the psychedelic “Pretty Colors,” or the head-bobbing title track, there are a slew of unexpected surprises, like their transformed cover of Roxy Music classic, “In Every Dream House A Heartache.”

Faded Ranger formed in Heidelberg when Maurer and Attree were DJing at the outdoor party, “Girl’s Camp.” The two found an immediate musical chemistry, both honing skills that greatly complement the other – Maurer’s witty storytelling lyricism against Attree’s dynamic beats and melodic arrangements. The synergy they produced is an infectious blend of playful synth music, with a stoic overtone
Stream Mechanical Tonight below, and pick it up for yourself over at HFN Music.