BSTV: Alex Moulton Talks About His New Album, Expansion Team

In between running Expansion Team (who are readying the release of the Men Without Pants collaboration between Dan the Automator and Russell Simins of John Spencer Blues Explosion fame) and working on a slew of projects, New York based DJ/producer/filmmaker Alex Moulton found time to produce Exodus, his awesome sci-fi/fantasy dance music concept album. The album features appearances by Groove Collective’s Jonathan Maron and Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. and album artwork painted by legendary fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. Big Shot caught up with Moulton at his studio and interviewed him for Issue 23. In these two video snippets, Moulton describes Exodus and Expansion Team’s modus operandi.

Alex Moulton On His New Album, Exodus

Alex Moulton Talks About Expansion Team