Disclosure Unpluggedgate: Duo Deny ‘Pulling A David Guetta’


Did Disclosure fake their live set at Capital FM Summer Ball last weekend? After a photograph of the UK duo’s performance showing the plug for their gear not connected to a power source, some have accused the pair of “pulling a David Guetta” (or faking their set). Disclosure’s Guy Lawrence has vigorously defended himself on Facebook, stating “we didn’t try and make it look like we were mixing. We left the fucking plug on the floor on purpose, didn’t even plug phono leads into the master out, turned all the EQs fully down and the master out AND DIDN’T EVEN TAKE HEADPHONES for god sake!!”

With this accusation Disclosure join Justice and Steve Angello, all of whom have been accused of faking the funk. Meanwhile, Disclosure’s album Settle currently sits atop the UK album charts right now and anyone who knows anything about how pop show operate will know that singers nearly always perform to backing tracks for these types of shows. Lawrence’s full statement is below.

Hello I Love Bass Music and everyone who is talkineang about this photo… so. here is how and why this happened. Capital FM made us do this show with a backing track playing but allowed the vocalists to sing. They said that they had to trigger the tracks themselves to sync visuals. We pleaded with them for weeks and weeks to let us play fully live or at least let us mix but they just weren’t having it. You will also notice this was the same for a lot of the dance acts playing that day (i.e. the duke dumont pic you posted)

It was incredibly frustrating and horrible for us to hear our music at Wembley and not actually be able to play it ourselves, as anyone with any knowledge about disclosure knows that we play fully live seen here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THeSe3XqObQ AND can mix…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTAhk7FXb-I

Notice also that we didnt try and make it look like we were mixing. We left the fucking plug on the floor on purpose, didnt even plug phono leads into the master out, turned all the EQs fully down and the master out AND DIDNT EVEN TAKE HEADPHONES for god sake!! LOL if at any point we touched the mixer it was…well, you try standing infront of 80,000 people and not touching the mixer… go on… its really hard hahaha!

I would also like to point out that people like David Guetta ect who have also been accused of pretending to mix, actually try and cover it up and pretend to blend tracks into one another and hide it… but with us, we played three songs with vocalists b2b with gaps in between, so even if we had been mixing, there would have been no beat matching involved anyway + we didnt try and hide it at all!!

But yeah it was a very strange experience and one we will not be going through again. Capital have been amazing to us and they play our songs roughly 400 times a week across their various networks and we wanted to thank them for all the support.

Guy x

Image via Facebook

Ultra Music Festival, Weekend 1, Day 3 Recap [Gallery]

Snoop Dogg UMF

Day three of weekend one of Ultra Music Festival 15 was by far the maddest of all of all three days. The crowds were thick spilling out into the streets and lawns at every stage, worldwide music buffs getting their last fix for the weekend packing in every minute of beats, bass and lasers to take back to their native homeland. Camped out at the Mega Structure for most of the night, the night was nothing short of an amazing time, visually with laser light show mixed in just perfectly to the playlist picks of the talent on stage, you couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a weekend long of music mania.

With Avicii sliding up a slot to fill in for Calvin Harris who’s flight was delayed, he laid down sweet, body-moving sounds. Tiësto never ceases to amaze with people coming from every structure, piled deep from stage front all the way to the bar back, tuned in and fist pumping with the best of them. Taking brief breather popping over to the Life Stage to see the legendary ’90s superstar, classic and timeless, showing out on stage as only Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion as he is now known) knows how to. Head bobbin, hip shaking to the old and new grooves of this lyrical Rico Suave closing out with “Young, Wild, and Free” with the fans continuing the song on to their next stop. Although delayed,Harris showed and put on a show with the catchy radio stream hooks getting the crowd singing along as they danced their hearts out.

Closing out the night, David Guetta played his heart, transferred to the crowd where people danced their face off until the night came to and end. Weekend one of Ultra Music Festival 15 was the kickoff that Miami Music Week asked for and more.

Words and images by Eunique Fowler

Clear Channel Launches Evolution 93.5 Miami with Pete Tong in the Mix

Pete Tong

Amid Miami’s preparation for Ultra Music Festival/Winter Music Conference/Miami Music Week an interesting event happened yesterday: new dance-music radio station Evolution 93.5 Miami went on the air. Charged with the task of playing dance music 24/7, the station features a playlist featuring tracks by the likes of Skrillex, David Guetta and all the usual suspects. BBC Radio 1 DJ Peter Tong has been named the station’s ambassador DJ, and he will be at the helm two parties with guests on March 16 and 22 at The Surfcomber Hotel to mark the station’s birth.

Beginning March 25, Evolution 93.5 Miami will air his a four-hour long daily show All Gone Pete Tong featuring Pete’s Essential New Tune of the Week, as well as the hottest tracks from the global Top 100 chart on Beatport.

Obligatory press release gush from Alex Tear, vice president of programming and operations for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Miami: “It’s an exciting time in Miami when an entire radio station can dedicate All Things Dance programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week!” Miami is one of the hottest cities to experience dance music – and now that Evolution 93.5 Miami is here with EDM tastemaker Pete Tong, the party won’t stop.”

Obligatory press release gush from Pete Tong: “I’ve been coming to Miami for over fifteen years to DJ and attend March’s Winter Music Conference and Ultra Week. It’s one of the most important dates in the DJ year, and the City of Miami has always been a special and progressive market for dance music. To be launching the second Evolution terrestrial station in Miami in March is amazing, and a real highlight of my career. I can’t wait for us to begin broadcasting Evolution and All Gone Pete Tong to this special city on a daily basis.”

The station can also be heard online on iHeartRadio.

Armin van Buuren vs. David Guetta: Which #1 DJ Wins A Web Duel?


Websites are a crucial part of every DJ’s marketing effort. Even the most underground jock needs to engage and connect with fans about new releases, tours and Twitter feuds. While this might sound like highfalutin talk, a solid digital strategy is a necessary evil for DJs who desire a sustainable career. Knowing how websites are essentially calling cards for DJs, Denis Doeland, a web consultant in Amsterdam who runs DDMCA, decided to investigate best practices in the DJ arena. In a unique exercise, Doleland pitted the website of 2012 number one DJ Armin van Buuren against the website of the 2011 number one DJ David Guetta, using data compiled over the last 90 days with the help of Sitebeam. The paper used an array of quantitative and qualitative metrics to determine which DJ had the better site.

armin guetta ranking

The results were interesting: Guetta received high marks for regularly updated content and popularity while Van Burren got kudos for superior content, easy-to-understand text and stories that are easily shared. Though Guetta has a stronger presence on Twitter, Doeland concluded that the Frenchmen’s site had errors, wasn’t updated regularly and didn’t have contact details.

“Since my start at ID&T in 1993 I always have been fascinated by the way how EDM moved in the music industry landscape,” says Doeland, who worked at the Dutch event company responsible for events like Tomorrowland and Mysteryland for almost 18 years, before leaving in 2011.

“With the entrance of the technological era I asked myself what the meaning of data is and how we need to interpret this data,” notes Doeland, who has consulted for Ferry Corsten, Armada Music and Junkie XL. “Since lots of EDM brands are really enormous communities now I want to learn what’s going on — who’s doing what and how are they performing. Do they have a strategy and what can I learn from from? I also developed my own vision towards where the internet goes.”

In the end, Doleland’s paper [read it in its entirety here] declared van Buuren the winner due to his superior content, marketing and technology. Doeland days he will continue analyzing websites in the dance music realm in an effort to be more effective for his clients. “I constantly compare this with what’s going on.”