BSTV: DJ Muggs [Video]

DJ Muggs

Legendary L.A. beatmaster DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill fame recently visited New York City and we connected with the production icon to find out how he discovered bass music and how it culminated into his Bass in Your Face featuring cameos by Chuck D, Dizzee Rascal, Danny Brown and more. “The thought came in about ’09,” Muggs tells us in this exclusive BSTV video. “I sat down, I grabbed the MPC and I go, This ain’t gonna work. So then it became a learning process for me — learning the production techniques of electronic music which is way different from how I produce hip-hop. I took about six months to learn and study.”

“I’m addicted to bass,” he confessed, adding that the beats are done for his next two albums. “I’m gonna keep making my hip-hop albums. I’ve got an experimental album coming out called Cross My Heart, and I’m gonna keep making my bass records and experimenting and push sound and push dimensions with this. Music is free, man. It’s in the air. There should be no boundaries and no limits on it.”

Watch the full interview with DJ Muggs below.