Video Premiere: Burnt Friedman – 122-12 (Live)


Prolific German musician/producer Burnt Friedman presented a sprawling retrospective titled Anthology 1980 – 2017 on his Nonplace label at the end of last year. Known for his deep, dubby and ever-changing grooves and rhythms, the overview brandishes vinyl-only releases and never-heard tracks.

Upon the compilation’s release, Friedman performed at Rhythm Alchemy at Arena Club in Berlin. Fortunately, his amazing set was captured on video. We’re extremely pleased to world premiere a clip of the rousing non-compilation track “122-1” filmed at his show.

Friedman provides additional technical background about his performance:

“The video was recorded during a concert at Arena Club in Berlin, December 2017. Burnt Friedman is sending various separate, individual audio tracks to an 8 channel sound system: a four-channel P.A. and four additional amplifiers, located across the room. He is standing in the ‘sweet spot’ of the club in order to mix and control the sound properly. During his performance, Friedman is arranging, routing and dubbing the individual audio tracks live and plays on a Korg MS-20 synthesizer. It is more or less a studio environment made public, so that the audience can overlook the process of production closely and move freely through the aural environment.”

Get a first look below and prepare yourself to be blown away by Friedman’s signature sound.