Track of the Moment: Roach Motel’s “Wild Luv” (Remixes)


Twenty years after Farley & Heller paid homage to DJ Pierre, Wild Pitch and the sound that emanated out of the New York/New Jersey area in the early ’90s with Roach Motel’s “Wild Luv,” the club anthem has come full circle with a triumphant re-release on Get Physical.

Already something of a summer anthem, John Aquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto’s remix keeps the drama level high with a driving 4/4 groove and strings that won’t stop ’til they get enough.

On his solo mix Giacomotto adds plenty of dramatic breakdowns and growling vocals. George Morel strips it all down to a kick and hi hat, building the track from its signature line “Wild Pitch, I think I love you but I wanna know for sure.”

For those looking to get their hands on the original mix, fear not because it’s available once again in all of its glory.

Track of the moment!

Darren Ressler

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