Luca Bacchetti’s 5 Artists of the Moment

Luca Bacchetti

In June Luca Bacchetti dropped a phenomenal game-changer by way of his OVO EP, a genre-defying three-tracker touching upon cinematic ambient bliss, techno and house. The Italian maestro is back with another gem, this time releasing music by the enigmatic producer HopeAllIsWell in the form of his Hope All Is Well EP on Bacchetti’s Endless imprint.

Currently enjoying a busy summer filled with DJ gigs, we checked in with the Endless label boss and asked him to share his five favorite artists of the moment.

The OVO and Hope All Is Well EPs are available now on Endless. Catch Baccetti at Sankeys, Ibiza, on August 31.

1. HopeAllIsWell
Here at Endless he is our current favorite. HopeAllIsWell is at the front for us and a producer with 20 years experience, whose work is conceived with quality in mind and destined for the hippest of dance floors. A visit to his new SoundCloud comes highly recommended. You will be hearing a lot more from him. His new EP, Hope All Is Well, is out now on Endless.

2. Eduardo De La Calle
Eduardo De La Calle is an incredible find. Of course I already knew his work, but in the last two years I have grown to love his sound. He is very sensitive both as a producer and above all as a human being. This sensitivity permeates his music with its singular atmospheres. The music, just like him, is special. He will be release a four-track EP out on Endless in the autumn. He is also director and producer of a great documentary on the clubbing scene.

3. Patlac
I don’t know Patlac very well, but his music speaks for itself. I am in love with his productions and remixes. He’s an artist to keep an eye on!

4. Johannes Brecht
Johannes Brecht hails from Stuttgart. He is elegant and at the same time he knows how to get people moving on the dance floor. As a musician he can pull off certain nuances which are often missing from many of today’s productions. His work is never pedestrian and can include forays into jazz without forgetting the darker club atmospheres. Just listen to his records on Sunday Music, Mule, Sonar Kollektiv or Poker Flat for confirmation that he’s an artist who shines with his own light.

5. André Hommen
For several years now I’ve been following André Hommen. Everything this young producer does is absolutely convincing. His clarity of sound and the way he can move from one genre to another are what stand out for me. His recent EP on Objectivity is a masterpiece.

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