Review: Franco Cinelli – ‘All Frequencies’ (Esperanza)

Franco Cinelli All Frequencies


Franco Cinelli is the man behind that notorious remix of Cassius’ “The Sound Of Violence.” There is, however, far more to this Argentinian producer than Ibiza anthems. On his debut album for Esperanza Records, he emphatically reminds us of the fact in his own inimitable fashion, with a dizzying and eclectic array of mainly club-ready tracks.

Opener “I Feel It” is a true monster in the best sense of the word: a dizzying, hypnotic track that takes a stranglehold on the senses thanks to its simmering snares and a mound of lavish bass kicks. Simple, yes, but also extremely effective, a hallmark of much of Cinelli’s back catalogue. “Chi-Trax” is more abrasive and touches on techno tinges, with its pummeling soundtrack and up-tempo melodies proving a real joy to behold. They move at a relentless rate, gathering pace thanks to a layer of spiky synths and wiry hats. “Cargo” goes back to the old school in its search for kicks, while “Infiltrate” ups the ante once more courtesy of some hallowed dub sounds. “Slippery Arp” leans on a host of, well, arps, to bring the noise, and while it’s a fitting finale, it’s a bit too esoteric compared to matters elsewhere. Fortunately, digital-only offering “Deep Forest” is on hand to restore some pride, as it imbues the package with a warm glow thanks to its numerous glistening charms as well as a heavy reliance on the flanger.

Driving music with a real human flourish? It could almost only be Mr. Cinelli.

Darren Ressler

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