Review: Kevin Yost – Chant The Night

4 out of 5 stars

All these years after unleashing 1999’s seismic deep-house bomb “One Starry Night” on New Jersey-based i! Records, venerable DJ/producer Kevin Yost remains at the top of his game.

After flirting with the mobilee camp vis-à-vis 2016’s moody “Don’t Give In” on Leena, remixing Ray Okpara’s “Satin Curtain” at the beginning of the year and contributing the exclusive cut “The Future Remembered” to Mobilee Rooftop Summer 2017, Yost finally makes his debut on the label. Aligned with the blueprint he etched out in the late ’90s, Yost delivers two powerful deep-house masterpieces that are all killer and no filler.

“Chant The Night” is tailor-made for a big room, but don’t mistake that assessment for sounding anything remotely close to fromage. Yost opens with a sinister, meticulously scripted mission statement, then leads us to a breakdown of eerie pads and vocal samples that unfurl into a soul-stirring crescendo.

“La Espere” is a case study in how to forge a tense, techy eight-minute track. Brandishing a harder groove, Yost peppers in quixotic melodies over a suspenseful groove that’s bound together by a chugging bed of percussion.

In an egalitarian age where everyone is a DJ, producer or musician, Kevin Yost’s two decades of experience behind the boards continues to distinguish him from the pack, enabling him to shine on like a crazy diamond.

Darren Ressler

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