Folamour 5 Tracks of the Moment


There’s a soulful, groovy feel to Folamour’s sound that’s fueled by deep keyboards and organic that explore the periphery between electronic music and jazz. With each release his irresistible vibes allow him to organically grow his audience.

In the past year alone the Parisian house DJ/producer has contributed a track to La Parenthèse House #2 EP and remixed Exon Bacon’s “Doorbell” for the Play Label, and he dropped his disco-tastic The Power and The Blessing of Unity EP on Glitterbox Recordings in July.

His string of fine music paves the way for his glorious full-length album, Umami LP, which marks the first effort on Moonrise Hill Material, a new label he formed with Ethyène, Kaffe Crème and Okwa. Umani LP is an homage to his to his appreciation of Japanese culture, and the release’s title means “savory” perfectly suits the music.

Having recently appeared at Dimensions Festival, Brooklyn Night Bazaar and Ancient Future Festival, Folamour is currently touring Europe to promote his lovely LP. We managed to catch up with him and find out five jams you might hear during one of his upcoming sets.

Ethyène – Cherish The Day
Released on my own label, Moonrise Hill Material, this track has been an obsession since the first time I listened.

Jitwam – whereyougonnago?
A Detroit house groove inside an eternal loop, I’ve been listening to this one a lot in my place lately.

Slamb – Needs
A heavy floor burner for sure! The R&B vibe takes me every time.

O’Flynn – Tru Dancing
Another club filler. I love the different atmospheres and how he builds the track before releasing the power of it!

Folamour – Night of Desirable Objects
I chose this one because my album is something “of the moment” for me. Coming out soon on Moonrise Hill Material, this one is the opening track on the record.

Darren Ressler

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