Review: DJ Tennis – Convex EP


3.5 out of 5 stars

Manfredi Romano, who is better known as DJ Tennis, saunters in again from left field with another quirky release. Though his productions have been historically overshadowed by his sheer wizardry behind the decks and A&R prowess that fuels his Life and Death label, Romano delivers in a big way on the four-track, electro-themed Convex EP. The opening title track unfurls with woozy pads that build into a synth-led prog-dance romp brandishing a fat, undulating and undeniable bassline. “Last In First Out” is darker, heavier and the funkiest of the lot. The EP is rounded out by a pair of terrific collaborations: “Zilog” featuring Margot follows along an experimental path with a combination of squelching bottom-end and off kilter percussion, while “Punch Card” feat. Sebra Cruz is a meditative thanks to its cascading synth lines and hypnotic groove. The Convex EP unquestionably finds DJ Tennis on top of his game.

Darren Ressler

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