Review: Giom – ‘Remasters’ (Supremus)



Remasters finds London-based French house producer Giom revisiting music he produced between 2007 and 2012 for vinyl labels Amenti Music, Motion Music, Kolour Recordings, Ornate Music and Fly In A Jam, giving each track a remastered tune-up for 2016.

The compilation opens deep and rolls into a more funkin’ upbeat vibe as the hits tick off. Favorites include the dynamic opening cut “Play On,” the low-key funk and heavy bottom of “Bring Down the Walls,” the sexy groove of “I Know You Were Right,” and of course the uplifting classic “Be Free.” The compilation also features brand new reworks of the upbeat and disco “Stolen Soul” and the smooth pumpin’ feel-good vibe of “People.”

Remasters is a digital collection of some of Giom’s best vinyl-only tunes to date, all in one place. It’s a great album stuffed with great house music.

DJ Elroy

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