Review: V/A – ‘The Wilful Session’ EP (Muzik & Friendz)



We have reached the point where music can’t be just music, where everything needs a “deep” or “hard” or “minimal” modifier in front of the genre, where hashtag marketing seems to sell people almost as much as the song itself.

Believe it or not there was a time when music didn’t need to be stuffed into a pigeon-hole to enjoy. House music was just house music. And good music was just good music.

The Wilful Session EP delivers four unapologetic house cuts, each with its own personality and place in the set.

Khillaudio’s “The Newest Way to Enjoy Music” brings a deep vibe stacked in deceptively simple yet dynamic layers and ties everything together with an interesting sample. UC Beatz’s “Lucky Wind” is my pick of the batch, with a smattering of different genre elements that give it a fresh sound and unique style. The subtle bassline carries a sprinkling of horns, the broken-beat breakdown shakes things up, and the twisted French house attitude all come together to make this one something to get the trainspotters excited. Pat Lezizmo’s “Let It Ride” follows up with punchy kicks, a leading bassline, killer synths, a hooky piano, and some creative sampling. And JR From Dallas‘ “Guirlande De Fricadelles” has all the elements of a classic as well: beefy bass, a boppin’ vibe, and a subtle sample to spice it up.

House music is back and in prime form. Sure we can call it deep house, but it’s more than that. There aren’t any epic drops; instead the tracks build deliberately and roll up and down. So let’s just call it house music. That’s really all that needs to be said.

After all, the newest way to enjoy music isn’t new at all, right?

DJ Elroy

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