LCD Soundsystem Reunites, World Sighs Ruefully


You sold your own blood to get tickets for their last big blowout at MSG back in 2011. To make sure you never forgot that epic swan song, you bought the DVD of the show too. In case anything happened to the DVD, you bought the five-record vinyl box set. And in order to get in touch with James Murphy’s feelings about his band’s much-publicized retirement, you watched the documentary. You were all set to come to terms with LCD’s future non-existence, especially since Murphy said repeatedly that a reunion wasn’t possible.

So when Murphy subsequently busied himself with non-LCD activities like opening a hoity-toity wine bar in (where else) Williamsburg, or partnering with Heineken to make the New York subway system a more aesthetically satisfying experience, you managed a melancholy half-smile, reluctantly resigned to the new normal. Because after all the hype surrounding their retirement, LCD would surely never play another show again, right?

Wrong. Maybe Murphy didn’t make enough money from his recent entrepreneurial projects, or maybe he simply got bored. Whatever the reason, On December 24 LCD released a holiday single, “Christmas Will Break Your Heart.” Since rumors (which were again officially denied at the time) had been circulating since October about their imminent return to the stage, fans started to get suspicious.

Well, now it’s official. LCD Soundsystem will be playing Coachella in 2016, handily tromping all over the good will of the fans who took Murphy at his word when he said the MSG outing would be their last. But will you still wend your way to the festival (which may or may not be the band’s only 2016 appearance — the possibility of others has been floated) to see the mendacious Murphy and company in action? Sure you will, LCD has already proven what a sucker you are, haven’t they?

Jim Allen