Mark Lewis Plans L.A. Homecoming Party After Drug Conviction in South Korea

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British-born LA-based DJ/producer Mark Lewis, who has toured extensively with Paul Oakenfold and shared bills with DJ giants such as Carl Cox, made international headlines in August 2016 when he was arrested at a customs checkpoint at Incheon International Airport.

Lewis was charged with possession of a bottle filled with 3.78 liters of gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), also known as the date rape drug. It was alleged that he smuggled GHB into South Korea on four separate occasions, from January to June of 2016. Lewis, who was holding down a residency at club Octagon in Seoul, denied the allegations. A YouCaring fundraising page was launched to raise money for Lewis’ legal defense.

After a storm of press the Grammy-nominated mixer was found guilty of drug smuggling in February. The Seoul Central District Court sentenced the 53-year-old DJ to a year in prison, suspended for two years. A Korean-American was fined 20 million won (about US $17,802) for buying and using the drugs.

“As GHB can have a negative impact on both society and the individual, the crime cannot be taken lightly,” the court said in a ruling statement. “However, we made the ruling after taking into consideration that the amount of GHB he smuggled in was not large and he had no intention of profiting from the GHB.”

Lewis’ lawyer told The Korea Times he would not appeal the verdict and was preparing to leave the country.

Now back in the States the convicted DJ has begun posting again on social media after a long absence, updating his profile picture (see above) and sharing affirmations of gratitude for his freedom.

He also posted a fresh DJ mix on SoundCloud he billed as “Deep Sexy Beats With A Twist Of Tech & Tribal…”

On June 9 Lewis will share a bill with KCRW’s Holly Adams, doubling as his long-awaited return to the Lincoln Speakeasy in Los Angeles. A few weeks before his arrest in August 2016, Lewis played the exact same party with Adams.

According to the event flyer, Lewis will play an extended four-hour set. “This event marks the long-awaited and safe return of Mark Lewis to Los Angeles. Also celebrating his birthday.”

Where Lewis, who has yet to publicly address his arrest and conviction, goes after playing his upcoming return bash is not yet known. Fortunately for him he has a lot of friends in high places, and that’s more than a lot of ex-cons have. But one thing’s for sure: another jaunt to South Korea is definitely out of the cards.

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