Play It Down Launches Label Mates Compilation Series

brillstein label mates 001

Jesse Rose’s acclaimed Play It Down label have announced the launch of Label Mates, a brand-new compilation series. Rose tapped LA DJ/producer Brillstein to mix the first installment, Label Mates 001, featuring 29 tracks culled from PID’s catalog. The session will include two new exclusives from Brillstein.

Obligatory press release gush from Brillstein: “I’m quite certain I’ve put more thought and time into this mix than anything previous. Trying my damnedest to intricately weave the story together, while paying proper tribute to each track without being too obvious or linear in the execution. The catalog of each label is so impressive and brought back strong musical memories. Compiling it was a blast, digging through dozens of my favorite producers most legendary, or sometimes even overlooked tracks. All of them nestled in over 15 years of consistently funky house music… It was no small task to narrow that tracklist down, I promise. I even got to throw a few of my own lil’ nuggets in there (including some exclusive edits.) It’s an honor to be the first of our talented crew to have a go at the Label Mates concept and I like to think I set a high benchmark. I can’t wait to see what everyone else does!”

Darren Ressler

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