Turn Your Old Game Boy Into a Synth

gameboy synth

gameboy synth

Music-loving Nintendo nuts the world over can rejoice over this new technological development, which serves to validate anybody who ever refused to toss their old, dusty, disused Game Boy. It turns out that some enterprising soul has figured out a brilliant hack that turns the iconic ’90s pocket pal into an electronic music-making tool.

It’s far from a codified process, but some ambitious electronics buff has taken a classic Game Boy, added a homemade circuit board, and transformed it into a three-channel analog synthesizer. As you can hear from the results in the clip below, the sonic options are somewhat spartan, but for a tricked-out Game Boy it’s still pretty damn impressive. If Kraftwerk was still cutting new records, it wouldn’t be too tough to imagine them turning out a 21st century take on their classic “Pocket Calculator” powered entirely by devices like these. Hmm…hey Ralf, we’ve got a little suggestion for you…


Jim Allen

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