Big Shot Guest Mix 314: Basmala


Discovering great music never stops feeling like an unexpected gift. In April we received a promo for Basmala’s self-titled debut on the West Coast producer’s Preservation Electronic Recordings, an album incorporating soul, jazz, hip-hop and electronic. Hazy but defined, it’s pure magic. DJ Shadow and RJD2 seemed like obvious mile markers, but it was clear that this beat maker (who has recorded as Hasan Atiq and released five albums from 2005-2010 under the moniker Autolect) is blazing his own trail. We were so enamored by Basmala’s album that we cajoled him into mixing the latest Big Shot Guest Mix. The California producer explores jazz and beyond on his 11-track session, and it sounds incredible.

“I made this mix because I am a jazz man at heart,” Basmala says. “Constructing a bridge across various styles within the rap narrative, one of the primary appeals of the tracks are their ‘rawness.’ Although the tracks do not explore the genres in their purest forms, they stay close to the roots while taking measured footsteps down the complex landscape of modern electronic music. This mix is a long ride to the mountains for a mystic family camping trip but it is much more than that. It is, in essence, a subtle attempt at reiterating rap’s own, individual appeal. Just because it’s not Mozart or Brahms blasting doesn’t mean that producers or indie labels are not quality people with quality product. So whether your turntable is priced over $1000 or just a few hundred, whether it’s an iPod or CD, the fact remains, we trust the listener’s ear.”

Big Shot Guest Mix 314: Basmala

  1. Eric Dolphy – “On Green Dolphin Street” (Move)
  2. Amir Sulaiman – “Drummer Talk” (True + Living)
  3. TheImagination feat. Mr. Hawkins – “Hold It” (Culture Digital Music)
  4. Roots Manuva – “Stepping Hard” (Big Dada)
  5. Basmala – “Organic” (Preservation)
  6. JahRock – “Coltrane Piano” (Self Released)
  7. E Reece & Beat Ventriloquists – “The Owner” (Remix) (Elevated Mental Recordings)
  8. Lupe Fiasco – “Mural” (1st & 15th Entertainment)
  9. El Sun – “Wanderer” (Self Released)
  10. Basmala ft. Don Yohn & Watts aka Mr. Watson – “Sunshine” (Preservation)
  11. Jesse Boykin III – “Zoner” (Basmala Remix) (Demo)

Darren Ressler

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