ƱZ Introduces His New Label, Quality Goods

ƱZ quality goods

ƱZ, the producer whose trap sounds and bass tracks have earned him international renown, has taken things to a new level with the announcement of his own imprint, Quality Goods Records. Releasing a mini-mix that includes tracks by Sophie, Alvin Risk feat. Hodgy Beats, and Protohype & Dabow, among others (not to mention some new music of his own) as a sample of the sound to come, ƱZ is taking what he’s learned about production and spreading the wealth around to other artists. His signature sound will inform everything Quality Goods puts out, but he’ll still be involved in something bigger than himself.

“I look for artists who define themselves with their art,” the perennially masked producer said in an interview with Billboard. “It allows me to see who’s paving the way as our generation’s next most forward-thinking artist.” And that’s not all the mysterious trap maven has cooking. This Friday, April 22, ƱZ will be appearing at Avalon Hollywood. But it’s not just an ordinary performance; it’s being advertised as a full-fledged takeover, during which he’ll be bringing out some surprise guests. Considering how closely he guards his very identity, who knows what ƱZ is likely to have up his sleeve for this event? (Hint: there’s only one way to find out for sure).

Jim Allen

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