GoFundMe Launched For Ailing Chicago House Icon Roy Davis Jr.

roy davis jr

At the end of March, we shared the sad news that DJ/producer Roy Davis Jr., the man who has been an icon of Chicago house for decades, had been unexpectedly diagnosed with MS. He woke up one day unable to walk, and next thing you know, doctors were giving him the unfortunate results of their tests. Davis was forced to cancel his upcoming performances, in order to focus on getting his strength back, but he has vowed that this development will not knock him down. He fully plans to get himself back in the game as soon as humanly possible.

In the meantime, though, there’s the matter of convalescence. In addition to the income Davis is losing out on due to cancelling his current gig schedule, he’s also bound to be incurring some serious medical bills from here on out as he deals with his condition. In order to give something back to the man who has given so much through his music, those who love Davis have set up a GoFundMe page where fans and friends can make donations, so that the one thing he won’t have to worry about during this trying time is how to cover his medical bills. If you’ve ever been moved by the man’s work, now’s the time to do something for him in return.

Jim Allen

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