Now You Can Get a Monthly Subscription to Rekordbox DJ Plus Pack

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It seems like rekordobx keeps on making things easier and easier for DJs. For those arriving late to the rekordbox party, we’ve written about their DJ Plus Pack here a while ago, but now they’ve made it possible for customers to get it via a monthly subscription. That means a lot more flexibility for folks who want all the assets the Plus Pack offers (Hot Cues, Sampler, Slicer, Beat Jump, and on and on) but haven’t made up their mind yet about whether they’re ready to shell out for the full-on software package.

So how do you get rekordbox DJ anyway? Well you can download the 4.0 version for free, and then download the Plus Pack from within it. From there you can either go for the monthly subscription at a rate of about 10 bucks per month, or you can scrounge up about $130 and just buy the damn thing and get it over with. Either way, it comes bundled with the DDJ-RX and RZ controllers for easy plug-and-play action.

Jim Allen

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