Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bryce Dessner, Alva Noto Score ‘The Revenant’


What does Leonardo DiCaprio fighting for survival in the frozen wilderness in the 18th century have to do with the celebrated electronic composer Ryuichi Sakamoto? Funny you should ask. The aforementioned scenario serves as the basis for the upcoming film The Revenant, which was directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu of Birdman fame. The director seemingly surmised that this sort of setting required a really evocative sonic setting, and wisely engaged the talents of Sakamoto for the film’s score. This marks the first time Sakamoto has released new music since his recent treatments for throat cancer, and that should be cause for celebration in and of itself.

But Sakamoto isn’t working alone on this project. His partner on the score is Alva Noto, who has worked with Sakamoto many times over the last several years. Add the participation of composer Bryce Dessner to the mix, and you’ve got a pretty impressive cast already without even getting into the actual actors in the film. The soundtrack album will be released by Milan Records on Dec. 25th, the same date the movie makes its New York and L.A. premieres (with widespread showings to follow on January 8).

Jim Allen

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