Help Emika Record a Symphony with a 70-Piece Orchestra


The last time the Berlin-based Anglo-Czech producer/composer Emika popped up here, just a couple of weeks ago, she was rhapsodizing about the classic Roland TR-909. But now she’s got her sights set on a very different mode of music-making. After crafting four albums, the ambitious Emika has decided that she wants to dream big. Toward that end, she’s pursuing her muse all the way to Prague, where she plans to record her own symphony with the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra, a 70-piece ensemble.

Naturally, this sort of endeavor doesn’t just happen. In addition to all the artistic and logistic preparations involved, Emika’s musical adventure will wind up being a costly one. So, in the post-compensation era most artists are forced to occupy these days, she had to come up with a way to raise the cash. Crowdfunding seemed to be the most natural option, so Emika has created her How to Make a Symphony campaign. Contributing to the project will give you all sorts of rewards, depending on the amount of your contribution, from one-on-one Skype tutorials to a trip to Prague to see the whole thing go down in person. So check it out and chip in if you can.

You can see her process on a previous project below:

Jim Allen

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