Dirty Vegas’ 5 Essential Old School Club Tracks


Dirty Vegas continue to push ahead fourteen years since the release of their massive chart-topping single “Days Go By,” a crossover club track that rocked the world when it was released in 2001. On their upcoming fourth album, Photograph, the Grammy award-winning South London outfit (who’ve stripped down from a trio to a duo composed of Steve Smith and Paul Harris) dig deeper into their club roots — check lead track “Do What You Feel” to get a feel for their new material. While the act is always looking to the future, we asked Paul to look back on his favorite club tracks from back in the day.

Dirty Vegas’ Photograph is out September 25 on D:Vision.

1. Moby – “Go”
I remember this track as being groundbreaking from the acid house/Balearic music that filled the last few years of the ’80s/1990. This track really got my attention of a new wave cooking. The production in this track upped the game.

2. A Guy Called Gerald – “Voodoo Ray”
This track really stood out style-wise. So many seminal tracks came in such a short space of time but this one really stood out for me.


3. Last Rhythm – “Last Rhythm”
A huge classic from the Italo-house era of around 1991, this become an end the night ‘lights on’ classic.

4. Richie Rich – “Salsa House”
Pete Tong’s FFRR label were putting out the most amazing records around this time, and this stood out that year. Summed up that year’s summer.


5. Gat Decor – “Passion”
Made by the staff of Tag Records in London, the track of many a bootleg record still gets played to this day.


Darren Ressler

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