Minecraft Soundtrack on CD & Vinyl for the First Time

Minecraft soundtrack Ghostly

Come on, admit it — you’ve logged more hours in front of a screen playing Minecraft than you can count. And like almost everyone else who has ever partaken of the experience, you’ve fallen under the sway of its hypnotic electro-acoustic soundtrack. Hell, even people who have never played the game in their lives have come to love the music composed by Germany’s Daniel Rosenfeld under the name C418. Anyone who denies its status as a masterpiece of modern ambient minimalism is just being snobby. But up until now, if you wanted to nab that music to enjoy outside the context of the game, you could only purchase it as a download.

That’s all about to change, however, as Ghostly International is getting set to release the Minecraft music on CD and vinyl for the first time ever. On August 21, Minecraft Volume Alpha, the first of two volumes of Minecraft music, will be unleashed upon a waiting world. And besides the standard vinyl and CD versions, there will be a limited-edition LP — only 1,000 available — on transparent green vinyl, featuring a lenticular-printed sleeve specially designed to lend the 3-D cover art the oomph it deserves. See below for a sampler.

Jim Allen

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