Autechre Returns to London After Five Years

autechre london show

If you’re one of those Londoners who have spent ages skulking about forlornly, wondering when Autechre would ever headline another show on your home turf, you’re not unjustified — after all, it has indeed been five years since Rob Brown and Sean Booth last topped a London bill. And they certainly haven’t been inactive on the recording front during that time, so it could easily get an Autechre admirer to wondering what’s up. Well, wonder no more, because the daring duo from Rochdale is at last getting set to strut their stuff in proper style on a London stage once more.

The event is set to take place on Saturday, November 21, 2015, at Electric Brixton. Brown and Booth won’t be alone of course. The bill will be filled out quite nicely, in fact, with Objekt, Powell, Russell Haswell and Rob Hall all turning up for the evening. But when they’re all done, the pair London has scarcely seen in recent times will pop up in person and give their fans an in-the-flesh dose of that rarefied Autechre essence.

But don’t let the long lead time fool you, a limited pre-sale starts this Wednesday, with the full-on ticket crunch commencing the following day at 10 am. SoundCrash can tell you what you need to know.

Jim Allen

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