Ultra Records Sues YouTube Star Michelle Phan Over Copyright Infringement

Michelle Phan Ultra Records Lawsuit

It’s been said that you know you’re successful when people start suing you. Well, welcome to the big time, YouTube star Michelle Phan!

The Boston-based Internet sensation is being sued by Ultra Records and its publishing division. The New York City-based pop-dance label alleges that Phan used songs from artists on the imprint such as Kaskade in her wildly popular videos without a license, and now they want money.

According to Reuters, the case, filed on Wednesday in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, makes it clear the label has only begun its search of Phan’s many online productions, but has so far uncovered dozens of infringements, according to the complaint. Those videos have been viewed more than 150 million times, the plaintiffs said.

The label and publishing company are seeking an injunction to stop Phan’s use of the music and either maximum statutory damages of $150,000 for each infringed work or unspecified damages to be determined.

With more than 6.6 million subscribers to her YouTube video channel, appearances in commercials for YouTube and Dr. Pepper, a book deal and a cosmetic line called EM by Michelle Phan, the make-up demonstrator/entrepreneur is an easy target.

However, Ultra’s lawsuit begs the question: Which Internet star is next to get sued?

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