[Video] Giorgio Moroder Talks Daft Punk Collaboration: “Thomas Is A Genius, A Real Perfectionist”

Giorgio Moroder

Disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder has spoken about his collaboration with Daft Punk. On a video released today, which arrives after the commerical for the twosome’s new album aired on U.S.  television, Moroder, speaking in German, reveales details about his recording sessions with the famed French dance duo. “I worked with them for two, three hours in the studio, I told them about my life,” Moroder says. He adds that at the time he had no idea what they group had in mind for his story….”but I [thought] Thomas [had] an idea how to put my voice into Daft Punk.” Moroder describes about a recording session where he was asked to speak into three microphones: one from the ’50s, 60’s, one from the ’70s and a new one. He asked the engineer the purpose of speaking into microphones from so many different eras. “He said… we use the first one when you are talking about your childhood, the second when you are talking about your work and the third one is for the future.” Morder asked: “Who is going to notice the difference?” The engineer replied, “Thomas is going to hear the difference.” Mororder concludes the interview by saying, “Thomas is a genius, a real perfectionist.” When asked if Moroder shares the same recording mindset, he quickly replied, “No, not at all.” Watch the legend tell the story in the video below.

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