Buy Kid Koala’s ’12 Bit Blues,” Get A Cardboard, Hand Powered Turntable Kit

Known for his sublime beatscapes, graphic novels and comics, Canadaian turntablist Kid Koala takes his creativity to the next level with his upcoming album, 12 Bit Blues. Now get this: the album’s limited edition first run will come with a cardboard, hand powered turntable kit. Are you reading this, Gizmodo?

Equally as interesting is that Koala (a.k.a Eric San) forged all of the album’s tracks on an old school E-mu SP-1200 sampler, a production unit he fantasized about owning when he was a kid. According to Ninja Tune, “over three days he cut up and reassembled the bed tracks for 12 Bit Blues. No sequencing software was used. Using the pads on the machine and a multitrack, Eric played each part of the tracks in real time, before finally returning and adding cuts over the top.”

So it’s no surprise 12 Bit Blues apparently sounds raw and beautiful. Look for the album dropping on September 18.

Darren Ressler

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