Premiere: Consolidated – Musica Sin Fronteras (R34L Remix)


Since their formation in the late ’80s, left-leaning industrial band Consolidated has used their music to serve as a platform to speak out about a wealth of societal issues, including corporate greed, fascism, homophobia, animal rights and ethnocentrism. Much of what they discussed on 1991’s landmark album Friendly Fa$cism sadly came to the forefront under America’s 45th president.

After the release of their most recent full-length album, We’re Already There, comes a remix album issued today via Austin-based eMERGENCY heARTS.

We’re thrilled to world premiere the remix of “Musica Sin Fronteras” crafted by Chicago’s woman-led electronic duo R34L. Like every note Consolidated has played during their lengthy career, their hard-hitting interpretation pulls no punches.

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Darren Ressler

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