Premiere: Sumsuch feat. Matty Eeles – Don’t Go

Will Sumsuch

Musician/producer Will Sumsuch, who is one-half of Mega Jawns, steps out this week with the Don’t Go EP (BBE), a two-track affair realized in collaboration with jazz vocalist and Alice Russell band member Matty Eeles.

We’re over the moon to world premiere the title track of the gorgeous and intimate downtempo collab featuring sparse guitars and a spirited vocal performance from Eeles.

Sumsuch tells us the soulful track brimming with vibes for days has been in the vault for nearly six years. He waiting for the just right moment to  release it.

“This song means a huge amount to both of us, and it was recorded at a time when it looked like Matty might never sing again,” he explains.

“She’d developed polyps on her vocal chords and was waiting for a risky operation on them, and had been warned her voice might never sound the same. At the time of the recording, her vocal range and power was quite diminished, but with hindsight I think this really got her focusing on the emotion of the song: her performance on this track is simply breathtaking. As I recall, the musical side came together quickly from my guitar melody and Rhodes chords – it’s probably the warmest production I’ve achieved before or since. The whole thing just feels cozy and comforting to me, like an old friend.”

Get an exclusive first listen below and pick up the Don’t Go EP on January 24.

image by Katy Rowland

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