Video Premiere: Dreaming Of Ghosts – You

Dreaming Of Ghosts

German artist/producer/composer Robot Koch has a proven track record of producing sonic offerings that transcend electronic music. Based in Los Angeles, his Dreaming of Ghosts project helmed with Fiora explores another world of artistic possibilities.

Ahead of the release of DoG’s Lunarum EP out tomorrow on Trees & Cyborgs, we’re thrilled to world premiere the futuristic video for “You” created by Brendan Bellomo and Aniela Sidorska.

Here’s what the filmmakers had to say about the video: “The music video was done in ‘one breath,’ using primarily in-camera effects with projection mapping that envelops the model in patterns of light, stars and darkness. The video contains all practical elements with no CGI. The light was created solely from the music itself, and contains every frequency of the instruments and vocals, in sync with the song.

“The video was filmed with a robotic motion-control camera to appear as one single-shot to showcase the fluidity of the composition. What we attempted to capture in the relationship of the projections and performance is both the meaning of the lyrics, as well as the notion that we feel at one with the music. On one side, we see the vocals being projected, on the other the bass. After we pass the point of looking at one’s own reflection, the projections switch, and we see the bass on the left hand side — almost acting like the heartbeat, not only of the woman but also of the song itself.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Darren Ressler

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