Premiere: Listen to Filterheadz’s ‘Radioactive’ Techno Romp From Agile Recordings’ ‘One Hundred’ Comp

Filterheadz Agile Recordings One Hundred

Italian techno troubadour Uto Karem’s Agile Recordings is days away from celebrating one hundred releases. Take a bow, Uto.

To commemorate the milestone, the label is ready to drop a 14-track compilation aptly titled One Hundred, featuring brand spankin’ new cuts by a cadre of genre-pushing artists such as Cristian Varela, Loco & Jam, Mladen Tomic, G Flame and Anderson Noise.

We’re thrilled to world premiere Filterheadz’s epic techno cut “Radiocative” off the release. Belgium-based Bert and Maarten Wilmaers start out hot right out of the gate, crafting a dark, relentless, full-on groove that builds with sparingly melodic synths and a no-nonsense climax.

Check out “Radioactive” below by hitting the play button. Be sure to check the full compilation when it’s released on July 28.

Darren Ressler

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