Premiere: Dedo – Chaman/WiFi EP


Buenos Aires up-and-comer Joaquín Bartolomé Otero Sojo produces music and gets by with a little help from his friends.

With the ability to play several instruments, he slowly gravitated toward electronic music like a moth to a flame. Eventually he found a way to bridge the gap between both musical worlds in the form of Dedo, a project he fronts featuring a coterie of local musicians from his city’s underground music scene.

We’re pleased to world premiere Dedo’s Chaman/WiFi EP. It’s a gorgeous, meditative two-track debut effort that’s directly informed by jam sessions held in 2017 with several of his talented homies.

The EP’s special sauce lies in the way both cuts draw inspiration from electro-Andean music movement, which merges local indigenous sounds native to Latin America with digital processes. Get a first listen below and enjoy.

Darren Ressler

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