Premiere: Monumental Men – Navigate

Monumental Men

Swiss house DJ/producers Biru Bee and Marc Hofweber have been making dance floors sweat over the past few years as Round Table Knights. They won props by producing and remixing tracks for labels such as Defected, OFF, Exploited and Made to Play. Bee and Hofweber have switched musical gears by forming Monumental Men, a collaboration with vocalist Roman Bühlmann, who’s also the lead singer of alt-folk outfit Patrick Bishop.

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Monumental Men’s songs are grand and cinematic. It’s all evident on “Navigate,” their debut offering which we’re extremely pleased to world premiere.

They had this to say of the song of the song that meets at the intersection of ambient and pop: “‘Navigate’ is our call to arms, our opening scene, our first wave — timid and proud at the same time. With Navigate, we leave the familiar behind and step into a sensational vastness. Keep exploring with us!”

Darren Ressler

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