Premiere: Lawrence Lui – Requiem For Vega


NYC music biz stalwart Lawrence Lui recently documented Belgrade’s underground electronic music scene for Big Shot. On his journey through Serbia’s capital, he discovered a coterie of DJs, producers, bands and record shops that are flying the flag of good music.

However, prior to his trip, Lui suffered serious injuries from a bike accident. While recuperating at home, he turned to producing music for solace. His noodling yielded Retroism, a stylistically diverse four-track EP.

“I was laid up at home for a while and started working on songs as almost a kind of therapy to keep my mind off the pain,” he says.

Now thankfully back on his feet, we’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Requiem For Vega,” the dreamy opening track from Lawrence’s EP.  The synth-driven cut arrives before the one-year anniversary of Suicide frontman Alan Vega’s death and the release of IT, a posthumous album of unreleased material that Vega wrote and recorded with his wife before his death.

Says Lawrence, “I’ve always been a huge fan of the band Suicide and wanted to write a track that reflected the brashness and simplicity of their early work, while gradually angling it into a more dance floor direction over the course of three minutes. The vocals were a kind of happy accident of just using what I had lying around the house.”

Listen below and share your thoughts.

Darren Ressler

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