Premiere: Eliot Lipp – Tides


Veteran Austin-based producer Eliot Lipp is set to unveil his new album, Skywave, on Detroit-based label Young Heavy Rebels, an imprint operating smack dab at the intersection of electronic music and hip-hop. Lipp, who has released music on Prefuse 73’s Eastern DeVelopments label, Hefty, Mush and Old Tacoma, has made his bones embracing a sound that gleans elements of hip-hop, electro and soul.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Tides” from his full-length out on June 23. It’s an instrumental where deep keyboards and melodic synths mingle with crisp beats and a funky-ass bassline from heaven.

Interestingly, a bout with sleeplessness informed the track: “I was back in Tacoma, WA (my hometown) during the holidays. One night I was up late and couldn’t sleep. The only equipment I brought was my Yamaha Montage and a laptop. Since I was pretty bare bones, I looped some chords, looped some hi-hats, etc. I just kept looping for fun and to drive off insomnia. I went through the motions of making a track but in a spontaneous, half asleep way. I didn’t think it would make the album but the more I worked on it, the more I realized there was a mood created by the track that couldn’t have conjured intentionally.”

Check out the world premiere below, and catch Lipp tonight at Jupiter Disco in Brooklyn with Michna and Lauren Flax.

Darren Ressler

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