Premiere: Pacific State – 1990 (Neil Curtis Vision Mix)


We’ve sung the praises of Laurent Ash (a.k.a Lifelike) many times over the years for quite good reason. What we’ve always appreciated is how the French DJ/producer always marches to his own beat, steering clear of fleeting fads and trends and creating at his discretion on his own lane.

With one foot firmly planted in the present, Ash has always drawn influence to the past. Whether he’s collaborating with a peer such as Kris Menace, dropping a disco-house jam or paying homage to Happy Mondays’ Madchester classic “Hallelujah,” the past informs the present.

Ash has joined forces with Neil Curtis in Pacific State, a project that draws influence from legendary dance acts of the ’80s and ’90s. They stay true to the music of the era by creating their tracks using much the same gear that producers in this era used.  We’re talking about an arsenal of vintage machinery: Roland TR-909/808/303s, Akai S950 samplers, and an Atari ST computer.

Ahead of the release of their “1990” out June 9 on House Science, we’re pleased to world premiere the Neil Curtis Vision Mix, an interpretation that takes the Original Mix to a deeper, darker plane. Rave on.

Darren Ressler

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