Premiere: Coşkun Akmeriç feat. Soyut Boyut – Slow Burning (Original Mix)


You Are Istanbul #1, an upcoming compilation from Istanbul-based High Above The Ground featuring contributions from Koray T, Eren Erdol, and Gadi Mitrani, shines the spotlight on underground dance-music producers from Turkey’s capital. Though the country has been in the news for not the best of reasons as of late, the collection educates us on a contingent of hard-working producers who are innovating and doing their share to add new wrinkles to the fabric of dance music.

We’re pleased to world premiere Coşkun Akmeriçs collaboration with electronic/jazz trio Soyut Boyut called “Slow Burning.” The track is a delirious slice of techy, offbeat and hypnotic manna that left us wanting to hear more after each listen.

Says Coşkun of the collaboration: “I feel that this is the track that brings together all the weird sounds and abstract noises in my head. This one is and will always be a special for me.”

Listen below to the aptly-titled “Slow Burning” and explore the full release on June 13.

Darren Ressler

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