Premiere: Simina Grigoriu – Shook Up (Julian Wasserman Remix)


Lightyears from her hip-hop roots, Simina Grigoriu has carefully evolved her sound to encompass techno and tech-house. With choice releases for Sonat, Paul Kalkbrenner Musik and House Music With Love, not to mention her Exit City debut LP on Susumu, the Berlin via Toronto via Romania DJ/producer fires up her Kuuhou Records (which means “airport” in Japanese) once again for her latest techno monster “Shook Up.” The label’s fourth release demonstrates her musical maturity—and it’s truly something to behold. Grigoriu placed “Shook Up” in the hands of über talented Munich-based techno explorer Julian Wasserman, and we’re extremely pleased to world premiere his flowing interpretation featuring warm grooves, deep bass and meticulous percussion. Have a listen to Wasserman’s outstanding remix below and check the full release on October 21.

Darren Ressler

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