Premiere: Infinity Shred – Datadealer


Brooklyn-based post rock outfit Infinity Shred use synthesizers to realize their soothing, highly transformative sound that traipses along the border of melancholy and euphoria. After the release of their well-received 2013 debut Sanctuary on OK Go’s Parachute Recordings, founding members Nate Ritholz and Damon Hardjowirogo enlisted drummer Clara Warner and created the group’s majestic follow-up, Long Distance, due out on October 14. We’re thrilled to world premiere “Datadealer” from their upcoming album, a shimmering track with gradual builds and massive crescendos that, like many of their songs, oozes an addictive bittersweet quality that we can’t get enough of. And while you’re at it, fire up the Makeup and Vanityset remix for good measure.

Darren Ressler

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