Premiere: Adult Karate – LXII EP

Adult Karate LXII Plug Research

K.C. Maloney has made a name for himself as half of the duo Radar Cult. This week he steps out as Adult Karate, a musical nom de plume in which he skillfully navigates through a murky channel of moody dance music, ambient, post-rock and melancholy folk. His LXII EP (Plug Research), which we are excited to world premiere, is the first solo musical outing he’s overseen from start to finish. By our ears it’s a magical voyage well worth taking.  “I was going for a ‘driving through the desert at night’ sound, which I think I was able to achieve,” Maloney says. “Thematically and lyrically it’s pretty dark, with the exception of the great upbeat redeemer at the end, ‘So Low’ feat. Adaline. It was a very rewarding experience and I hope people will be able to dance, cry, drive, or make bad decisions to it.”

Darren Ressler

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