Premiere: Dominik Vaillant – “Skyscraper” (Boy Next Door 3am Remix)

Dominik Vaillant

Today Berlin technocrat/Analogue Audio boss Dominik Vaillant presents his Skyscraper EP — his debut effort for Lauter Unfug — and we’ve got the world premiere of fellow Berliner Boy Next Door’s haunting 3 AM Mix. Over the span of 7:28 BND crafts a deep, dark and sinister tech-house soundscape. He navigates the cut into ominous territory thanks to a pounding kick drum from heaven hell. “With this track I tried to transmit to the listener this deep, dark feeling that we are all looking when we go dancing to our favorite club,” says Dominik Vaillant of “Skyscraper.” Mission accomplished.

Darren Ressler

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