Premiere: Alge – “Devoted”

Jon Weinman

Have you ever had a dream that took place underwater? If so, then “Devoted,” the latest track from Alge, may stir some subconscious memories for you. Jon Weinman, a.k.a. Alge, describes his song as a “nautical bounce” with synths that “bubble up to the surface from the ocean depths.” And by the time the tune is over, you might feel like your head is swimming. “Devoted” will be released on May 13, the first track from a three-song EP, The Bluebird Triptych, due later this summer.

With a mix of sultry R&B, dreamy pop and trippy electronics, ALGE offers up a hypnotic, intoxicating tune full of slow-burning beats, ethereal vocals and carefully layered electronic atmospheres. It’s the kind of thing you could get lost in if you aren’t careful. But hopefully not so lost that you can’t find your way to the record release show taking place on June 17 at Friends and Lovers in Brooklyn. In the meantime, you can avail yourself of an exclusive advance stream of “Devoted” right here.

Jim Allen

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